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4TheCrime Clothing Co., was established in 2005. I had just started my first semester of college and I was looking for new ways to earn a living. After realizing that a 9 to 5 job was not going to work with my lifestyle nor my place in the universe. I was also producing music with local artist and designing album artwork and doing photo shoots. I helped create the artists/bands brand and look. Most of the musicians I worked with did not have much if any money. But I believed in them and with them anyway. I was unemployed and low on cash unable to buy the gear I wanted to wear. I wanted to make t-shirts with my own designs. I took a small portion of my school loan and purchased a heat press and printer and started to design. I sold some of them here and there but I didn’t get rich. It did fill the gas tank now and then and even buy an occasional burger. The people I hung around liked my designs but I knew that I needed to work harder on them.

Some of my inspiration came from my upbringing (early 90’s). I was heavily influenced by Hip Hop & Rap, Latin Hiphop Freestyle Music (Now known as EDM), skateboarding, BMX, Lowrider cars & custom bikes and underground fashion and street wear. Early on, I knew I wanted to be my own boss after having visited family in Mexico City. Everyone there made their living making something or selling something. They put food on the table, raised kids and be merry if possible and didn’t question their place in society. I don’t know if did what they did to earn a living, their passion or it was a desperation to survive. I never understood that for most it was a struggle, I only saw it as an opportunity to do something with myself. It was an epiphany seeing my family do their 9 to 5. I knew then that I wanted to make stuff for people to buy. I didn’t know exactly what I wanted then. Today’s technology has allowed me to display one of my passions easily and I hope that in some way my art and I have contributed to humanity.

My goal is to design bright and colorful t-shirts for everyone. Designs that stand out. These days it’s expected for you to appropriate lifestytles and cultures. I want to be different from everyone else. I want my designs to stand out, not blend in with everyone. I want to see my brand in shops across America.  So here we are 10 years later. I’ve gained new skills and direction. A graphic design degree has helped me polish the look and vibe of my brand. I am currently working on getting my designs into the market for others to rock.

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